Peter Nyberg Discusses Challenges Faced by Non-profits During Holiday Season with Covid-19

Just like every business living through the global pandemic of 2020, non-profit organizations have had to adapt. With millions of people laid off and out of work, non-profits can no longer count on the same amount of donations they typically receive. In some cases, people simply do not have the money to donate as they had in the past and in others, those donors with the funds have switched gears, choosing to donate their money to health and human services amidst the raging coronavirus pandemic. Further, the most common types of fundraising events of the past, such as galas, are no longer a safe option. Overall, there is no denying that COVID-19 has taken a toll on non-profit organizations around the world.

Peter Nyberg of Charlotte, North Carolina, is the chief financial officer of a non-profit organization, the Camino Community Center. This center aims to make a difference in the lives of thousands of low income, underserved individuals, with a focus on Latino immigrants. Nyberg was hired by the CEO of the Camino Community Center, Rusty Price, to provide his expertise and guidance, and now given the pandemic, he is needed more than ever. Nyberg discusses the various challenges faced by non-profits this holiday season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donor Fatigue and Fear

As previously mentioned, one of the greatest ways that COVID-19 has impacted non-profits and other holiday charities is that they can no longer rely on the donors they’ve had in the past. According to Peter Nyberg of Charlotte, North Carolina, a mix of donor fear and donor fatigue are to blame. For some donors, they are concerned about their own financial situation given the economic turmoil the world is currently in and they have decided against donating money to charity this year, or perhaps not as much. On the flip side, you have donors who are still willing to donate a large sum of money to holiday charities; however, they are choosing to donate their money to organizations directly on the frontlines, such as hospital funds. Of course, these are worthy causes, but the result could have long-term consequences on the non-profits that had grown accustomed to receiving a certain level of donations and which are dependent on such donations to operate. While there are other ways for non-profit organizations like Camino Community Center to raise funds, having a stable and reliable donor base is key, shares Peter Nyberg. Nyberg also notes that some non-profits and holiday charities have been able to apply for grants through the federal government’s CARES Act. However, these grants are only a short-term solution, with many charities already running out of funds.

Turn Away from Monetary Donations

According to Peter Nyberg, CFO of Camino Community Center, monetary donations are typically what help non-profits the most. However, given the slow-down of donations, some holiday charities that are able to have started encouraging non-monetary donations, like focusing on clothing drives or opening up a temporary food bank. Again, while Nyberg concedes this may not be a long-term solution, it is something that can help people in the short-term.

Volunteer Shortage

Yet another challenge brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has been a shortage of volunteers at non-profit organizations, shares Peter Nyberg. As the pandemic has worsened, many volunteers, especially those of an older age, have bowed out of their volunteering duties due to the fear surrounding the coronavirus. This is completely understandable; however, the impact has been no less significant for non-profits. Similar to how these organizations depend on a steady stream of donations to keep themselves afloat, they similarly depend on a stream of volunteers. Thus, if you’re willing and able, another way people can help out without a financial contribution is volunteering their time.



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Peter Nyberg

Peter Nyberg

Peter Nyberg, Chief Financial Officer at the Camino Community Center, is instrumental in the expansion and restructuring of the Charlotte, NC community center.